Addiction Counselling Competencies

Integration of services refers to a single process in which multiple benefits and amenities, often provided by various agencies, are tailored to meet each child’s needs and build their strengths. This practice usually follows a child-and-family capacity-based approach to building a service plan (Technical Assistance Publication Series (TAP), 2017). Coordinating the facilities of families involved in children’s welfare is possible in ways such as family and team decision-making, integration, case management, and coordination of care.

Service coordination refers to a wide range of provision options, including ways to coordinate the amenities available to effectively address the individual needs of children, teens, and families through a comprehensive assessment in an area. Services may include family maintenance and case management services, out-of-home placement, and permanent planning (TAP, 2017). The same service members consist of a network of all public, private, religious, and non-profit organizations designed to ensure the safety, and well-being of children, youth, and families TAP, 2017). Facilitation of services, nonetheless, requires resources such as time, money, amenities, and human expertise.

The range of amenities, including child and family group processes, should be supported by available funding, policies and a strong network of providers to help children and families in the local community. It is a common belief that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and make decisions that affect their health. People come first, and to support this philosophy, organizations show consideration and respect for all people by words and deeds. Service coordination drives solutions by exploring opportunities and programs to make options more realistic, build connections that will foster strong relationships, and let communities know the similarities and unique gifts of each person.


Technical Assistance Publication Series. (2017). Addiction counselling competencies: The knowledge, skills, and attitudes of professional practice. SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

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