Breaking the Bad Eating Habits

Eating habits are ways in which someone or a certain group of people eat, the kind of food they take, and the time the food is taken. According to the two weeks entries, some bad eating habits were identified. It was a busy week with a lot of assignments, so most breakfasts were skipped. The same tight schedule and preparing for the final paper eating too quickly became another habit. Despite skipping breakfast, there were plenty of snacks, so continuous snacking became another bad habit. Mayo Clinic has four guidelines on avoiding bad eating habits; confrontation, shaping, ABC, and distraction (Warhol, 2018). Shaping aids in changing the type of food eaten frequently. Shaping will help the client have better options. Instead of eating snacks with high calories full of empty carbs, the client will have better options like fruit juices or just fruits. ABC aims at helping someone get rid of a developed behavior. ABC will help the client focus on ridding the behavior of skipping breakfast every morning.

Distraction helps one to focus on something else other than eating. With the habit of eating faster, distraction might be of help. Find a magazine or a video to watch while eating so that at least your attention is divided and not fully focused on eating. Confrontation will help the client be conscious of the reason why they are making certain choices. Confrontation will help realize how important breakfast is in a diet or why it is unhealthy to eat a lot of junk food. An increase in the time taken during meals will show that the client is no longer rushing while eating food. Relaxed morning styles and a lower amount of snacks carried to school will show that the number of snacks eaten has reduced, and at least the client takes breakfast.


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