Business Continuity, Opportunities, and Threats

Business continuity is evident for companies with a high degree of environmental and social responsibility. The preparation of a response plan is essential for obvious reasons: in a disaster, each employee will know his area of ​​​​responsibility and behave more calmly in a problematic situation. FEMA even has a unique guide for such cases, which indicates the possible aspects of potential disasters and how to act, making it much easier for companies to build the same plan for companies (FEMA, 2020). Many local and large firms represent the business in Kansas; as a result, a comprehensive plan is needed to support such plans at the citywide level due to the allocation of a certain number of resources for this business.

Enterprises should prepare the population for possible disasters since they have a relatively wide range of resources – equipment people – which in some cases will be crucial due to their localization. Agreement between the city plan and the plan of specific companies is essential. For example, Knight Transportation’s mitigation plan is constantly updated during the pandemic (Knight Transportation Resources and Planning, 2022). Recommendations, in this case, may include working with local authorities to deliver resources, evacuate residents, and other transportation arrangements as outlined in the city’s plan (Kansas Emergency Communications, 2017). The collaboration factor is significant because many churches and the Grinter Place State Historic Site are nearby along the Kansas River.

At the local level, various councils, exercises, and grants are held, usually under the leadership of FEMA. The site of this state organization has a search for events in this area by index or region (FEMA, 2021). The information is quite easily accessible; versions for the visually impaired are also provided. All accessibility requirements for any population group must also be observed at local exercises and other events. Volunteers should also be sought through channels such as schools and universities, most of which are located on the Missouri border, which provides scope for collaboration through which training will be provided.

Volunteers can localize resources in case of danger, help convey information about the location to people in the disaster area, and conduct educational events. Attraction is carried out with the help of grants, which the state allocates for these developments and fresh ideas in this area. Information about religious organizations was not found. Recommendations, in this case, should be directed with greater emphasis on conducting annual exercises of the general population and enterprises through the most mass channels: schools, universities, and enterprises themselves. It is in the interests of governments to make these exercises mandatory to increase preparedness and mitigation policies in the event of potential disasters.

In the response phase to a terrorist attack, ideally, each enterprise department is responsible, but to a greater extent, this problem is handled by the safety and security department. As a rule, in recent times, most terrorist attacks in Kansas have been prevented at the planning stage, which indicates the well-coordinated work of both local authorities and national (Associated Press, 2019; Levine, 2021). The response procedure includes the ability of several employees in different locations to call the police, ensure the safety of other employees and wait for reinforcements. Lack of experience does not mean ignoring the likelihood of this event occurring, given Knight Transportation’s many years of experience and ongoing interaction with other states (Knight Transportation Resources and Planning, 2022). Liaison should be established with relevant authorities, including the police, and communication between enterprise divisions should be optimized. Recommendations for the city as a whole and the organization include closer and more collaborative work with the city administration to preserve not only human lives but the environment and infrastructure: universities on the border, churches, and museums of nature reserves along the river, monuments in Overland Park and much more. In addition, smaller local companies that can develop mitigation plans with local management support should participate in FEMA’s programs to build an established emergency network.


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