Chivalry Concept Importance in Culture

Chivalry is a concept that has played a large part in human culture, especially in the past. Used to describe a combination of particular principles and dispositions, chivalry might have most famously been held in high regard by knights. It can be understood as a combination of honor, kindness, politeness, courtesy, courage in the face of danger, and honesty. All of these qualities were recognized as the necessary and inseparable part of being a knight. However, chivalric qualities were not only exhibited by people belonging to the knights or men but were also both practiced and expected from other people of good social standing. Nowadays, society has been subject to a lot of change, both the culture and history people have been part of have changed the kinds of things individuals tend to consider normal. In a similar manner, the concept of chivalry has faded into obscurity quite a bit, not being considered as important as it was in the days prior. Personally, I think the notion of chivalry is not dead but instead integrated into society more tightly. Qualities expected of knights of the past are often things that we expect from our everyday interactions with others, and something many tend to practice. The system of strictly enforcing codes of conduct and morality has passed, but their effect is still being felt in the general population.

In the times of old, chivalry was something necessary for a particular type of people, the knights. Today, however, to establish good relationships with people and be able to effectively communicate with others, you still have to exhibit these qualities even when you are not a person in a particular position. Honesty and kindness are something that is expected in both relationships with parents and friends, as well as with those people you work together with. To some, it might seem that the value of such attitudes and dispositions has diminished, and the people have become more harsh and self-centered. However, I think that is not the case. Much like with any kind of narrative, only a portion of the real events that have occurred during the times past has reached us in this age. Many of the stories of knights and heroes are deeply romanticized and exaggerated, making the notion of chivalry seem much more prominent than it has probably been. But, even presuming that chivalry has had as much of an impact on medieval society as it is assumed, one can argue that chivalry has not gone anywhere. In positions where moral qualities and responsibilities align, a person is still expected to be able to abide by a number of moral rules. For example, a social worker or caretaker must be able to show kindness, integrity, honesty, and goodwill towards others, as they are the main requirements of their job. Similarly, positions comparable to the knights of old also have to uphold chivalric ideals in some form. Military personnel and police officers are expected to be able to protect others, and be honest and courageous in the face of dangers, as was expected from knights. In general, the notion of chivalry and knighthood was fragmented and ingrained into the fabric of our modern society itself. While it can be said that the changes were not for the best, it is inevitable that society shifts and adjusts to both internal and external change. The fact that people were able to hold onto the values outlined in codes of chivalry is in and of itself a testament to their importance to society.

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