Education in Pakistan: Personal View

In Pakistan, the level of education is one of the lowest in the world. Girls do not have wide access to education due to a range of social and economic reasons. This problem is especially grave in the northern regions of the country such as Balochistan. Pakistan government does not provide any support for girls who like to study. Poverty becomes the main obstacle that prevents girls from graduating even from primary school. One of the most shocking things related to education in this country is that girls often cannot get to school because of sexual harassment, kidnapping, and crime. Thus, girls in Pakistan do not have an opportunity to be equal to men in the sphere of education, which is one of the problem of women’s rights in the country.

To my mind, in the modern world such inequality is unacceptable. I think that any girl should have an opportunity to chose whether to study hard or to choose another path in their life. It can be argued that such subjects as chemistry or physics would not be useful for a Pakistani girl in her future. However, she should at least make an attempt to understand whether she wants to study or not. As for me, I suppose that women’s rights for education are important for all people, because women can be equal members of society. They can develop their communities in different fields and can be great professionals. Thus, I wish that situation with Pakistan education changed for the better one day, and women of this country had more opportunities to build their future.

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