Ethic Inventory Lens: Relationship Lens

The relationship inventory lens of ethics greatly helps in ensuring that an individual is able to maintain a positive and productive relationship with other individuals in the society within the social setting. The relationship lens enables an individual to make healthy and appropriate judgments when dealing with other members of society to ensure that no one is negatively affected by the decisions made by other individuals (EthicsGame, 2015). The decisions made under the relationship lens are greatly dependable on self-knowledge and ensuring appropriate ethical codes when acting on different aspects within the community that have a great impact on an individual’s well-being.

I can attest that I deeply resonate with the relationship lens since my motives and actions are always based on the ethical conduct required for a healthy relationship with other people within the community. I always ensure that I care for others first without concentrating on myself to celebrate free will and express compassion towards others in the community. Sometimes I find myself caring so much about other individuals that I forget about myself. I am a great believer in inequality and social justice. Most of my friends and relatives can confirm that my motives and actions are always reliant on the relationship lens of ethics.

The Relationship lens acts as my pillar of the ethical base within all the social settings that make up my daily life. I apply high standards of ethical conduct at home to ensure peaceful coexistence with the family members. At work, relationship ethical codes required for effective service delivery and customer satisfaction are the most important in that it enables the creation of a conducive environment for all the colleagues in the organization.


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