Questions about our platform

You get full access to the StudyStroll database for free. Start by typing your queries into the search field or browsing one of the subject categories.

One of the essential advantages of the database is its versatility. You can use our paper examples for various academic reasons as long as you don't break any laws or norms. When studying a topic, seeking reference materials, or just looking for ideas, you can search through StudyStroll's library. We post academic works that can help you learn how to write different types of papers or utilize a reference style. The best part is that you can do it all free of charge.

On our website, we only post complete essay samples. There's no reason to offer excerpts because that defeats the objective of an accessible learning resource.

Yes. The StudyStroll database, like any other website of its kind on the Internet, is an educational resource. We provide access to a collection of student-created original papers for other learners to use. You can access our database to find out more about a given topic, come up with fresh ideas, use the sample itself or works that were used to compose it as a reference source, or better understand a citation style or structure of a specific paper type.

It isn't possible. Copyright protection applies to the works in the StudyStroll database. You can, however, use a section of a paper with proper citation (we have a handy citation tool on each sample's page for this).

Yes, and the entire StudyStroll crew is enthusiastic about this endeavor. That's why we set up a page where you can fill out a form and submit your work to us. If it meets our quality criteria, we will add your contribution to the database.