Government Policies Against Inequality

Inequality is an issue with a long history taking its roots thousand years ago. As the societies started growing in population, the inequality based on gender or race started occurring. The government as a source of legislative power must take action in order to minimize inequality and provide equal opportunity for each citizen.

Government should focus on the results of their actions when developing policies that should provide equal opportunities. First, the government should consider the current situation of discriminated groups before taking any action. For example, color-blind policies are not effective due to initial inequality among groups (Pious, 1996). The educational advantage of white workers does not allow other minorities to compete with them. Thus, color-blind policies are not effective against equal job opportunities.

Moreover, the government’s policies and the success of those policies play an important role in the psychological aspect. For instance, a successful policy providing equal job opportunities would positively affect the psychological state of minorities, which would only increase the motivation to improve and pursue further education. Thus, it is important for minorities to see and feel that they have the same opportunity to grow and be successful as other people. This way, there would be balance and healthy competition among all colors and races.

Government should pay more attention to those who are in need, rather than to general rules for all. For example, even if the laws to get healthcare is equal for everyone, there are a lot of people who are not able to get proper healthcare. The reason is that government focuses on the general rules and laws that provide the ways to receive medical services. However, the conditions of people who are in need of medical services should be in the first place when developing the policy.


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