Healthy Dieting During the Pandemic

Diet is one of the most obvious and yet frequently overlooked aspects of wellness, as it has negative connotations related to eating disorders and sickness. However, I perceive diet as a way of eating concerning my body’s needs. For me, healthy dieting includes paying attention to the necessary food groups and occasionally counting calories without the establishment of unachievable goals.

I try to eat primarily at home where I am in control of what I cook and how I cook. Additionally, I try to eat more vegetables and count calories, but only when it comes to treats.

The pandemic has put pressure on me to avoid weight gain, which became increasingly difficult as exercise and physical activity rates reduced. As a result, dieting became very important for me, and I was able to get the most out of it by planning my meals (Bohnet-Joschko & Pilgrim, 2019). Although the restrictions are softer now, I greatly enjoy this advice as it helps me to think in advance and be ready for anything. However, dieting itself has largely become easier, as with little exposure to any out-of-home food the temptations have reduced significantly.

I am passionate about food in general since I believe it to be one of the most accessible and convenient pathways to joy and pleasure. Dieting for me is mostly a tool that allows those who practice it to incorporate even the most self-indulgent meal into a daily program by ensuring other meals during the day are as healthy as possible (Bonnet et al., 2021). The psychology and biology of dieting are especially interesting for me, and I would love to know at some point how to navigate the conversation on EDs and diet programs.


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