Integrity Concept Overview

According to the dictionary definition, integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles (Webster, 2020). For instance, ‘A lady of complete integrity is one who is honorable. The word is similar to honor, uprightness, purity, and rectitude. Merriam Webster in her definition referred to integrity as soundness (Webster, 2020). Integrity is a virtue that not all people possess—the practice of choosing courage rather than the comfort of doing what is fun, easy, and fast but in many cases is wrong. Integrity entails the practice of human goodness instead of just professing it. Napoleon Hill says, ‘When you can maintain your own highest standard of integrity regardless of what others may do you are destined for greatness’ (Vernor, 2017). Integrity is doing what one knows is right even when everyone is choosing a different path.

Integrity is achieved through the combination of small acts that people do every day. A person full of integrity has a set of rules and values that guide them throughout their lives. Integrity means living a guilt-free life because one stands by their virtue and upholds morality and honesty with their deeds. One famous saying that perfectly describes integrity is, ‘Honesty is telling the truth to other people, and integrity is telling the truth to myself’ (Huberts, 2018). This is correct because many times, individuals are so caught up in people-pleasing that they forfeit the peace and integrity of their hearts and souls. Everyone should have a set of rules and standards that are morally grounded to work towards daily. Integrity is not a destination but a daily choice, and choosing it is taking the road of peace and respect for yourself before anything else.


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