Labour Organization’s Improvement Initiative

The work organization processes in large companies always push their owners to make certain improvements. Basically, a large enterprise can be roughly divided into two departments – factory workers and office workers. These two categories have their own individual needs and requirements for the workplace. This analysis will focus on the office workers and the improvements they might want to make to their workspace.

It is evident, that people in offices are mainly engaged in intellectual rather than physical activities, they spend their entire day at a computer, which can have a negative impact on their health. In order to improve the overall level of production, the Five S principles have been developed for company owners to help identify a problem and suggest improvements (Randhawa& Ahuja, 2017). The Five S Principles, designed specifically to improve working conditions in companies, put workplace comfort at the top of the list (Sargeant, 2017). My initiative is to make the workplace more comfortable for office workers. To achieve this, the following things must be implemented: orthopedic chairs, ergonomic standing desks and adjustable computer screens.

To introduce these things, it is necessary to communicate with orthopaedists who will help design ergonomic furniture items and with ophthalmologists who will advise on adjustable screens. The budget for these improvements will need to be around ten thousand dollars for a department of five employees, given that the company will be making a wholesale purchase at a furniture company. With these improvements made, the company will take care of the health of its personnel while increasing their productivity. Performance is improved by making employees more comfortable in the workplace, not distracted by eye or back fatigue.


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