Social Change in America and the World

The modern world has undergone changes in various aspects of human life: social, political, and economic. Social life cuts through education, religion, entertainment, fashion, drugs, to mention a few. In the United States of America, the Department of Justice has taken serious steps in ensuring justice for all races.

The country’s population is predominantly white, followed by African Americans, Hispanic and other ethnic groups. Death penalties are a race in recent years compared to two-decade decades ago, and the number of victims has always been congruent to their population distribution. California and Florida dominate in the list of states holding death row prisoners (Crittenden and Koons-Witt, 2017). New Hampshire, Wyoming, and South Dakota have one case of death row prisoners.

It is surprising how the number of death row sentences varied among the top 9 states. The southern region was responsible for more than 50% of all exceptions carried out in 1976 inside the United States (Crittenden and Koons-Witt, 2017). China is leading in imposing death penalties on criminals. Amnesty International associates the death penalty as a manifestation of barbarity and not an answer to the problem. While the number of death penalties imposed outside china continues to decline, the numbers are souring in China (Edwards et al., 2010).

Although the human rights agency has been pushing to establish the death penalty, the number of cases in China has risen year after year, even as the global figures decline in the rest of the world. Following the efforts of Amnesty International, there is a probability of abolishing death penalties in the near future. However, the case with China and the middle east is likely to be challenging as the penalty is intended for an extreme civil and criminal case.


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