The Coronavirus Infection Spread by Bats in China

This paper is devoted to the study and analysis of an article on the origin and transmission of coronaviruses’ bats on the territory of China by the scientific journal “Nature.” Additionally, this report includes a summary and generalization of a specific article related to biological sciences. The article was selected based on such factors as relevance, scientific novelty, and practical significance of the study. This coherent report is a set of learning of research methods and actions, as well as an interpretation of the results of the article by “Nature.”

The article’s topic is the examination of the spread of coronavirus infection by bats in China. A large variety of bats in this country are the causes of the current epidemics (Bats and the emergence of coronaviruses, n.d.). This research’s main goals and objectives are to study mechanisms, methods, and ways of transmitting CoVs through bats as the evolutionary sources of SARS and MERS (Latinne et al., 2020). There, scientists and researchers try to find solutions for the issues regarding the development, diversification, and circulation of coronavirus sources to further determine the hosts of bats and the regions where CoV is most widespread.

Moreover, in the article, the main and essential research methods are analyzing a specific set of data and statistics regarding the sequence of bats-CoV in China. This is necessary for comparing the macroevolutionary patterns of α- and β-CoV, virus hosts, and geographical regions as a source of evolutionary diversification for bats (Latinne et al., 2020). Sampling swabs of bats were conducted in this study to identify and detect certain viruses. Additionally, the researchers used hierarchical clustering methods, Bayesian phylogenetic analysis, and Mantel tests in the study. The results obtained during the study suggest that bats possess several specific qualities and properties that are a prerequisite for the spread of coronavirus in China. It also revealed a positive relationship between genetic differentiation and geographical location within the incidence of COVID-19. These results were interpreted following the sample, statistical data, various tests, and a set of algorithms for data ordering. The significance of the knowledge gained is determined by understanding and awareness of the specifics of the process of development and spread of CoV viruses. This is important to identify ways to minimize and prevent the development of COVID-19 in China and around the world.

Summing up, this report allowed an in-depth and comprehensive study of the scientific article. Scientists have used several scientific and research methods to identify positive results regarding the knowledge that bats indirectly or directly contribute to the spread of CoVs. The work also revealed the relationship between geographical and genetic data to identify the risks of morbidity. The relevance of this scientific article is explained by the importance of studying current, topical problems related to the development and spread of viruses in China and other countries.


Latinne, A., Hu, B., Olival, K. J., Zhu, G., Zhang, L., Li, H.,… & Daszak, P. (2020). Origin and cross-species transmission of bat coronaviruses in China. Nature Communications, 11(1), 1–15. Web.

Bats and the emergence of coronaviruses. (n.d.). Web.

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