Whiteboard Animation Video

Animated video is an essential component of many modern organizations, making their activities more engaging and exciting. Since human beings comprehend information through visual and auditory processing faster, creating Whiteboard Animation simplifies the learning process. Whiteboard Animation is a video generated with animated drawings on a white background (Wijayatiningsih, 2019). Various software for Whiteboard Animated Video creation is available on the market. For example, Videoscribe-Sparkol is popular software that creates animated videos by combining pictures and sounds (Wijayatiningsih, 2019). It is a multifunctional service that provides users with a unique image and music combination to make a compelling animation. Producing a Whiteboard Animation video involves seven steps which are creating a storyline, preparing content, installing the software, uploading the visual content, including voice-over, music, and publication of animation.

There are seven steps to making a Whiteboard Animation with the Videoscribe-Sparkol software. The first step is storyline generation for the video to have a specific plan on the general flow of the presented material (Wijayatiningsih, 2019). The second step requires preparing visual and audio content for animation (Wijayatiningsih, 2019). Third, the software needs to be downloaded and installed on the computer. Fourth, visual assets should be uploaded to the installed Videoscribe-Sparkol software (Wijayatiningsih, 2019). The fifth and sixth steps are concerned with voice-over generation and choosing appropriate music for the video (Wijayatiningsih, 2019). Finally, the video created with this software can be published offline or online. This software can be used to make videos on any topic, ensuring its usability for a broad audience.

Whiteboard Animation videos create an attractive and straightforward presentation of information, enabling more effective learning and teaching. The Videoscribe-Sparkol software is a popular tool for combining images and sounds to generate an engaging storyline for any topic following seven easy steps. This software helps to create captivating Whiteboard Animations for users from many different fields. Overall, animated videos substantially contributed to education, business, and non-profit organizations’ activity by making their content more visual, enabling people to grasp information better.


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