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Is this essay AI-generated? With our online tool, you’ll get to know the answer in seconds! Try out this AI-generated essay checker to detect GPT writing easily and for free.

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How to Interpret AI Essay-Checking Results

The output of the AI-generated essay checker consists of two parts:

  1. Top words count chart
  2. Detailed text analysis

Top Words Count Chart

The tool categorizes all the words in your text into four groups:

🟥 Red These words represent the top 10 words most frequently used by Chat GPT and similar AI tools on a certain topic.
🟧 Orange These words are less likely to be found in AI-generated texts, representing the top 100 words.
🟩 Green Words in the green category are not commonly used by automated text generators (top-1000).
🟦 Blue These words are the least likely to be utilized by AI in the given topic.

The tool also provides the percentage of words that fall into each category within your text.

Detailed Text Analysis

Below the chart, your text is displayed with four colors corresponding to the abovementioned categories:

  • If your words are highlighted in red or orange, AI will likely use them.
  • Conversely, words highlighted in green or blue are unique and not typically used by Chat GPT or similar AI systems.

Please pay attention to a high concentration of green words and consider replacing them with less AI-typical terms.

Searching for an AI-generated essay checker?

Look no further!

Our online tool will help you detect content generated by an AI within no time. It is an efficient, free, and easy-to-use instrument for teachers who want to check their students’ work for GPT writing.

Also, as a college student, you can try this effective tool and identify fragments of AI content before submitting an assignment to your tutor. With this AI checker, an essay with GPT-produced parts won’t cause you trouble.

🆗 The Benefits of This AI-generated Essay Checker

Let us explore the upsides of using this AI detector and why it is the best in academics.

⏰️ Quick This AI checker is efficient and generates results within seconds. It is fast and saves the user’s time.
💡 Easy to use It is a simple detection tool with an easy-to-use interface. After pasting your content, click the ‘analyze’ button and wait for the results.
💎 Free You can access and use this AI-generated essay checker for free. No hidden costs, registration, or trial versions are required.
📊 Accurate AI essay checker generates precise results that reveal whether the text is flagged for containing AI content.
🌈 Intuitive You can easily interpret the results produced by this AI detector.

Thus, AI essay checkers are beneficial in identifying content that is not written by humans. You no longer have to submit an academic paper with computer-generated information.

🛠️ How Do AI Text Generators Work?

What is an AI text generator?

These generators are automated tools that use advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology. They assess the data in their databases and generate new content that aligns with the contextual requirements.

AI tools are programmed using a machine learning approach to capture large data sets that can be used in different contexts. Some text generators are trained to respond with a specific writing tone or style, like in academics, content marketing, or creative fields. Thus, these tools are quite versatile and can be used for different purposes.

Text generation combines algorithms and NLP techniques to function seamlessly. These algorithms are programmed using a wide array of information, such as articles, books, academic papers, and other data sources. Users can also prompt the tool using specific keywords or phrases, and it will generate new output guided by the algorithms in place.

🔎 How to Check if This Essay Is AI-generated?

‘Is this essay AI-generated?’

This is one of the questions students often have when they get an essay written by a professional writer. A tutor who receives an essay from a student may also be troubled by this dilemma. No matter the circumstance, it is imperative to know how to check whether the essay is AI-generated or not.

So how do you detect AI for essays?

Here are a few pointers you can check out to determine if an essay was produced using AI technology:

  • Bland and dry tone
  • Odd repetitions
  • Outdated facts
  • Structural mistakes
  • No errors at all

Let’s consider these pointers in detail.

Bland and Dry Tone

One way to detect AI content is to read it through and asses the tonal variation.

What is special about AI-written texts?

Usually, an essay generated by an AI tool is very flat and informational.

There is no human connection whatsoever. Besides, you might find strange vocabulary items that seem to have been taken straight from the dictionary. Such texts are predictable, without any emotional touch or creativity. This is the first indication that an essay is not written by a human.

Odd Repetitions

As stated above, AI algorithms are programmed using massive datasets. So, the tool picks up a certain pattern related to a specific topic and keeps repeating the phrases. You can detect weird phrases and odd repetitions in an AI-generated essay.

Outdated Facts

You should check the facts and examples presented in an essay to understand whether it’s AI-written.

What sets AI-written texts apart from other forms of writing?

Usually, the facts there are outdated, with no recent information sources. This is because the databases are time-constrained. Thus, the tool generates only the information it has been fed with. For example, ChatGPT can’t produce facts beyond 2021.

Structural Mistakes

The chances of an AI tool to make human errors are minimal. We are talking about typos, poor grammar, and wrong prepositions. Since the computer is programmed to craft quality work, you will rarely see human errors in an AI tool.


You can scrutinize the essay for structural mistakes. Some sentences have repetitive phrases, illogical representations of argument, or transitional issues.

No Errors

The saying “to err is human” doesn’t apply to AI tools. These advanced essay writers produce perfect content without any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, as mentioned above. When an essay has a few typos here and there, you can be certain a human wrote it. But a perfect essay may be a secondary indicator that an AI tool was involved in text generation.

Thank you for reading this article!

We hope that the tips above were useful. Try our paraphraser, word reduction tool, hook creator, and topic generator to write and polish your essay quickly.

❓ AI Checker FAQ

❓ Is ChatGPT good for essay writing?

ChatGPT is an advanced tool that can produce remarkable essays within seconds. While it may be good for essay writing, it should not be a substitute. Learners should use it as a guide in understanding the topic and argument formulation.

❓ How to check if an essay is AI-generated?

Paste your essay in the space provided on the AI checker tool. You can add details about the paper, for instance, the title, if you want more accurate results. Click on the ‘analyze’ button and wait for the results.

❓ How do AI writing detectors work?

AI detectors find information in a piece of writing produced by an AI writer. It is programmed to identify language patterns that control predictive text. The tool measures specific traits in a text, like repetitive phrases, non-factual data, or illogical sentences.

❓ Is it ethical to use ChatGPT for essay writing?

Using AI tools to write academic papers is considered unethical because the student does not originally write the text. Moreover, submitting a ChatGPT-produced paper without correct citations will result in plagiarism claims and academic dishonesty.

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