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Even though packaged vegetarian meals offer little to no nutritional value, a well-balanced vegetarian diet lowers the risk for some diseases because it implies eating vegetables and whole grains, it provides health-protective vitamins, and it ensures that you ingest enough fiber.

Whereas packaged vegetarian meals offer little to no nutritional value, a well-balanced vegetarian diet lowers the risk for some diseases given that it implies eating vegetables and whole grains, it provides health-protective vitamins, and it ensures that you ingest enough fiber.

🖱️ Thematic Statement Generator Tutorial

Do you know what element can make your essay stand out? A thesis statement! Simply put, a thesis statement is a compressed claim of your paper. If your writing is about a very specific topic, a thematic statement can take the role of the thesis statement. This sentence should be a short, simple, yet powerful message.

To help you with that, we designed a thematic statement generator. It only takes four steps to get your perfect thematic statement done:

  • Choose the type of essay you’re writing (analytical, argumentative, informative, etc.)
  • Write down the key ideas on the topic you’ve come up with.
  • Mention all the evidence and arguments you have in your writing.
  • Get your thematic statement done in a few moments.

🍬 What Are the Benefits of a Thematic Statement Maker?

Our thematic statement maker can benefit your writing in numerous ways. Consider these advantages:

  • The tool is free, without hidden payments. You simply need to fill in the basic information about your essay and receive your thematic statement.
  • Our generator is designed especially for students. Your thematic statement will fit all the academic writing requirements.
  • The tool creates 100% original thematic statements. You don’t have to worry about the amount of plagiarism; our thematic statement generator makes everything unique.
  • We save your time. You don’t have to fill in the registration form or wait several days for your thematic statement. Your thesis will be ready immediately!
  • Our generator suits all types of essays. We’ll help you develop a thematic thesis matching your informative, analytical, or argumentative essay!
  • The tool works even with the most complex topics. It doesn’t matter how controversial or challenging your essay is; we’ll make the most suitable thesis.

🔤 All You Need to Know about Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is a sentence in the introduction of your paper that contains the main idea you discuss and tells the readers what to expect from the writing. In other words, a thesis statement should be a road map for the readers, guiding them through different parts of your essay.

A thesis statement is vital for all types of papers, including:

A thesis also builds the foundation for research papers, case studies, and many other forms of academic writing.

The perfect thesis statement should be:

Short & sweet You should present your point of view unambiguously in 1-2 sentences.
Debatable Your thesis statement should explain your opinion to the readers, not just state a well-known fact.
Reasonable You need to support all the claims in your thesis statement with the help of arguments and evidence.

🆚️ Thematic Statement Vs. Thesis Statement

When you work on an essay, it is crucial to distinguish the theme and thesis.

A theme is the central idea of your writing. Your scholarly paper or literary piece may contain some minor themes, but they are usually united by the dominant one. A theme is usually an abstract idea you’re exploring in your essay. For example, your central theme would be greed themes or selfishness if you’re writing an essay on corruption.

To make your ideas in the essay more concrete, you need to support your theme with a thesis. As was mentioned before, a thesis statement sums up your entire writing to the key idea. However, within thematic essays, it is possible to say that thematic statements are interchangeable with thesis statements.

📝 Thematic Statement Example

To understand how our thematic statement maker works, consider the following example:

Title Possible thematic statements
Media in the Political System Overview
  • Media and politics have a lot in common since they are communication forms.
  • Free media is essential for a democratic society because it provides people with the information necessary for understanding policy.
  • Media contributes to politics by attracting attention to societal problems and questions.

🙅 Thesis Statement Checker: Mistakes to Avoid

Generating a thematic statement can be challenging, and students often repeat the same mistakes. Here’s what you need to avoid if you want your writing to shine.

  • Don’t try to write a thematic statement from scratch. Take your time to read enough information on the topic so that you can polish your thoughts.
  • Avoid too general facts in your thematic statement. Remember that you need to catch readers’ attention, so it’s better to come up with something less obvious.
  • Don’t include any advice in your thematic statement. It should be more like an observation without telling readers what they should and shouldn’t do.
  • Don’t forget to use evidence and arguments that support your thematic statement. You must demonstrate that your thematic statement has some foundation from the beginning.
  • Avoid being too specific in your thematic statement. Keep your thematic statement universal so that every reader can understand the topic.
  • Don’t plagiarize. The thematic statement aims to illustrate your proficiency in the topic. Instead of copying others’ work, you can make your contribution to the discussion.

Thank you for reading this article! Note that you can use our hook creator if you need to create a catchy hook for your essay quickly.

❓ Thematic Statement FAQ

❓ What is a thematic statement?

A thematic statement is a sentence (or two) that expresses the theme of your writing and contains its key ideas. It should guide the readers through the paper and be supported with examples and arguments. A thematic statement is essential to various academic writings since it catches readers’ attention.

❓ How long should a thematic statement be?

It’s better to keep your thematic sentence precise but powerful. Usually, one or two sentences are more than enough. You should include your thematic sentence in the introductory paragraph of your essay so that readers will get a general understanding of the work.

❓ What is the difference between a thesis statement and a thematic statement?

The theme is the central idea you want readers to remember from your writing. Often themes are abstract and need to be supported with a thesis statement. A thesis statement consists of the main points you make in your essay, supported by arguments. For thematic papers, thematic statement and thesis are interchangeable.

❓ How to write a thematic thesis statement?

Before writing a thematic thesis statement, it’s important to do profound research on the topic. Brainstorm the ideas you want to explore in your essay. When writing a thematic statement, remember that it should be connected with other parts of your paper. Stay objective but avoid too general facts.

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