Average Employee Branding at McDonald’s


Strategic employee branding aims to raise the job status of the company in a way that is attractive to talent. In other words, branding addresses the problem of quality improvement in the average competencies, skills, and knowledge of employees in the long term (Kunsman, 2020). The implemented measures cover aspects of improving the corporate culture; therefore, employee branding is of strategic importance to the company. A measure of the success of such branding is the examination of actual feedback from current and former employees of the company and the corporate culture (ARG, 2019). The Glassdoor website was used to analyze McDonald’s employee branding perceptions.

McDonald’s Case Study

The average job rating at McDonald’s on Glassdoor is 3.5, which is a standard level for such a large business. Because of the large number of employees who can leave feedback, specific McDonald’s branding metrics vary greatly (McDonald’s, 2022). Some of the former employee’s remark on the friendly team and the opportunity to meet new people and the culture of diversity. On the other hand, employees have massively stated that work is highly stressful during rush hours, affecting perceived stress (Šušoliaková et al., 2018). Opinions also differed in comments about leadership-some claimed inept managers and even sexual harassment on their part, while others praised a cohesive work team and the boss’s ability to motivate. Such discrepancies likely arose due to many affiliates around the world, with the result that employee experiences differed. Among the most frequently observed patterns is that a friendly work team is typical at McDonald’s overall, with 56% of employees recommending their friends to work there (McDonald’s, 2022). I am willing to believe these reviews partially, as they are often written by real people who want to share their experiences. However, there is no verification system on Glassdoor so anyone can write a fake review — it will not be verified.


As a potential employee, I do not see any reason to give up working for this network. However, I also do not see the severe benefits that such an experience can bring me; in other words, working at McDonald’s seems flat, ordinary, and unimpressive. It does not attract talent but rather helps regular people work hard and make money (Keller, 2017). If McDonald’s management is interested in attracting truly talented chefs, managers, and marketers, it should change its branding and positioning strategies.

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