LA Strike Co: Strategic Marketing

LA Strike Co’s target audience is individuals between 15-40 years, married or single, and from all racial backgrounds. In addition, the firm targets potential customers from lower-, working- and middle-class socio-economical categories. Such clients become profitable consumers when educated well about the company’s products and services. The firm has been selling different products and providing sports-related services for the last two years, and there have been different campaign techniques that would help in conducting advertisements. As a result, the organization has decided to introduce more products into the market, and it will utilize different methods to promote its products and services.

The company offers sports bras, shirts and running shoes, and services related to bodybuilding. Tracksuits and hoodies with an organization’s name printed on them will also be tracksuits. The target for these products is people aged between 15-40 years. Individuals in this age group are active enough to participate in physical exercises, and tracksuits and hoodies are a good fit when engaging in such activities (Shareef et al., 2019, p. 58, Kotler et al.,2020, p. 3). The company settled on this merchandise due to their clients’ nature and to attract more customers. In addition, a printing firm’s name on this merchandise will help promote the brand’s name and make it unique from other businesses, increasing sales and profits.

For these products to attract customers, there has to be a campaign pitch that is carefully thought out to bring the best results. One of the campaign techniques chosen is having brand ambassadors promote products. Brand ambassadors are vital in promoting products because they bring out the human feature of a product, inspiring people to have the urge to use them (Desai, 2019, p.198). Therefore, the company decided to pick people from different age groups: children, youths and adults, and others with different body sizes. The firm then ensured the individuals displayed their merchandise, sponsored their photoshoot, and posted the photos on social media, which helped to market their products even more.

Launching the company’s app would be a significant step since all the details about the firm would be posted there. An example is; the organization could launch an app that helps clients work out under a strict routine with a time the client would choose according to their convenience. Launching its app is important because it helps increase sales and reduce competition from other companies with the same products (Scola and Gordon, 2018, p.27). To make the app profitable, the organization would charge a small subscription fee for every user, which is to be paid monthly.

The main goal of the advertisement is to create awareness about the company’s products and services. Further, the promotion of the brand is likely to create a good public reputation which can boost sales, keep clients updated on the product offered, and reach new customers. The overall objective is to benefit the firm by attracting more customers, which translates to more profitability and competitiveness (Digdowiseiso et al., 2021, p. 12030). The advertisement will support broader marketing objectives by creating awareness and a reputation that will make it possible for the company to reach its target audience. Meeting these objectives would improve the quality of its products and services.

Advertisements are significant when it comes to promoting goods and services. They help expand the market and reduce competition from other companies because they can create a competitive advantage over rivals. Additionally, embracing promotion helps firms interact with existing and potential customers more frequently, enabling feedback collection to improve their products and services. Therefore, businesses should consider using promotions and advertisements to attract and retain customers.

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