Healthcare: Cell Engineering Techniques

Cell engineering techniques based on the use of fine organic synthesis are gaining popularity in modern medicine. Thanks to chemical synthesis, profound molecular studies of the structure of receptors and envelopes that allow pathogenic viruses to cross the species barrier are becoming possible. The focus of this work was the theoretical study of antiviral agents that can be used for the therapy of infections for which reliable vaccines have not yet been created. It is recognized that the most relevant areas of medicinal chemistry are those that pose the greatest threat to society, and COVID-19 in particular. Thus, in the present study for the coronavirus pathogen SARS-CoV-2, the biochemical mechanisms that underlie virus entry into the target cell were studied and described in detail.

The article consistently discusses the theoretical basis for common pathways of infection and uses relevant data for SARS-CoV-2 as sources for predicting the chemical composition of antiviral agents. By the current moment, it is recognized that before a universal vaccine can be developed, humanity must have a functioning tool that significantly reduces the pandemic rate. Among a large number of low molecular weight compounds, a set of 22 drugs with aromatic configuration had potential efficacy.

The medical effects of the drugs and the possible ways of inhibiting or destroying the active pathogen were described in detail. In addition, the extensiveness of the study is ensured by a retrospective consideration of all known receptors that can be used by viruses to penetrate. Ultimately, it is recognized that either viral enzyme inhibitors or coreceptor bindings were of the most significant scientific interest because of their potential efficacy. The prospect of the study is determined by further empirical studies of the active effects of such drugs.

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