Carter Cleaning Centers’ Human Resource Problems


Carter Cleaning Centers offer services of coin laundry, as well as dry cleaning and pressing clothes. The owner of the company introduced additional services of cleaning the closes due to increased demand. The service centers work successfully and without particular problems since the business process does not require the participation of a large number of employees, relying on the work of laundry machines. This paper aims to discuss how the HR problems of Carter Cleaning Centers can be solved.

Five Specific HR Problems

Recently, Carter Cleaning Company did not have problems with employees since one worker was sufficient to serve one center. However, after adding the new service of dry cleaning and pressing clothes, each center will need to hire more employees, the quantity of which will depend on the volume of orders. Therefore, five specific HR problems will feature recruiting, selecting, training, rewarding, and retaining personnel. Each of these problems can be divided into separate stages and include typical elements. Therefore, when planning, strategic and practical, the manager will need to consider obstacles and eliminate them.

Plan for Jennifer

If I were Jennifer, I would start by planning the recruitment process, including the steps of writing the text and publishing the vacancy. Quite often, managers have problems when recruiting new employees due to the lack of a clear strategy and other technical difficulties. For example, managers may face excessive demand for a position, including among people who do not have the corresponding skills and characteristics (Black & van Esch, 2020). To prevent this, managers can create appropriate barriers, such as asking job seekers to fill out questionnaires in the first stage of selection and to send evidence of their competence in the second stage.

Later, during the interview, managers face the second problem of selecting candidates among the generally suitable ones. The basis for selection can be soft skills, motivation for work, and how comfortable other team members will be working with the candidate. Upon employment, each employee must receive a job description, which is a critical element of probationary employee training. Equally important, in the first days, team members should explain to newcomers how everything works and demonstrate some complex moments. If this information is not enough, the manager can conduct additional training to bring the team together.

Rewarding personnel can be a challenging task, as rewards can be not only monetary but also non-monetary. For example, simple recognition of merit and high quality of work often causes positive feedback from employees. Equally important, employees can receive individual bonuses depending on their marital status, age, and personal preferences. Then, employee retention can depend on the organizational culture, which includes the culture of communication, work, and rewards. This means that Jennifer will also have to think about how to make the company a more pleasant place to work. For example, a manager can think about how to work with women, people of different races, cultures, and nationalities, as well as genders. Polite communication and a position of equality in monetary and non-monetary rewards for all employees is a guarantee of high loyalty.


Thus, it was discussed how the HR problems of Carter Cleaning Centers could be solved. The main five problems which Jennifer, as a new HR, will have to troubleshoot will include employee recruiting, selecting, training, rewarding, and retaining. All these stages can be difficult if Jennifer does not come up with a successful strategy and implementation plan in advance. Conventional recruitment and retention techniques can be effective for a company expansion task.


Black, J. S., & van Esch, P. (2020). AI-enabled recruiting: What is it and how should a manager use it? Business Horizons, 63(2), 215-226.

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