Workplace Communication Forms and Results

Communication in the workplace is a critical aspect of achieving the most effective results. Among the three main types of communication that were taught, I believe that the most useful for me in the future may be correspondence. This is because emails, memos, or letters are less formal than reports but perform all the necessary business communication functions (Potter, 2019). Moreover, this type makes it possible to transmit the necessary information in a clear and organized way that will be familiar and understandable to all employees.

Writing a technical research report includes several essential steps, the observance of which is necessary for the formation of well thought-out and organized work. Among them are the definition of the target audience, the expected takeaways, the collection of information, its outline, the creation of a draft, and its subsequent correction. These points are the main ones, but each such paper will have unique characteristic steps, depending on the purpose of its creation. One of the advantages of writing this kind of work is to achieve effective communication between all involved parties. Moreover, a step-by-step process, which is used when creating a technical research report, helps to properly structure and organize data that can be difficult to perceive.

One of the ways of communication in the workplace, which is quite often used in the business sphere, is a memorandum or memo. This type of information exchange has several uses, each of which is used depending on its goal. Hence, the main one is the rapid transfer of important information to the organization’s employees. Moreover, it can be used as a reminder for the staff or as a recommendation for action and solution to a particular problem arising in the workplace.


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