Computer Software Classification

These are instructions that guide the computer in processing data to information. The hardware components receive instructions from the software to carry out their functions. Computer users also rely on software to accomplish specific tasks (Rajkumar, 2020). Therefore, computer software interfaces between the computer hardware and the user.

The system and the application software are the two major categories. Application software is a set of instructions that enable the user to accomplish a specific task. Conversely, system software refers to programs that perform various fundamental operations that avail computer resources to the user. For example, they enable the computer to boot and store computer files. Thus, both the application and system software are crucial in processing data to information.

The application software has many programs that enable the user to accomplish various tasks. The word processors allow the user to create documents such as reports, memos, thesis, and essays. The spreadsheets enable a computer user to manipulate mathematical figures. Additionally, the database management software provides the users with a platform to manage records. Moreover, accounting packages allow users to carry out accounting tasks, while music software enables users to compose music performances. The Desktop Publishing software enables users to combine graphics and text to design and produce publications such as brochures and magazines. Many other application programs are available, while others are released to the market regularly.

The system software is further categorized into the operating system, the firmware, networking software, and utility software. The operating system manages the computer hardware and controls the execution of programs installed. Conversely, firmware is a system software embedded in hardware read-only memory. Besides, networking programs enable computer systems and their peripherals to communicate. Lastly, the utility performs routine activities to make certain aspects of computing smooth.

Software developers design their products to work on multiple platforms because of the gains they realize. Firstly, the software developed reaches a big market compared to one designed for a single platform. Besides, it is easy to market the product since one will not have to create niche messages to cater to the tastes of a specific set of users. The developers find it easy to maintain and review one product that runs on more than one platform. Designing a product that runs on more than one product reduces development costs (Rajkumar, 2020). Therefore, developing one product that runs on more than one product is cost-effective.

In conclusion, computer software is classified into system or application software. The difference is that application software enables the user to accomplish a specific task while the system software performs various fundamental computer operations. Finally, it is cost-effective for software developers to design products that work on more than one platform.


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