The University’s Physician Assistant Program

I would like to apply to Ashton University and complete the Physician Assistant program because I have always wanted to provide help to underserved communities. To do it, I will need to develop specific skills required to become a world-class physician and help people regardless of their health disparities, social and financial status, or any other factors. The values and goals that the university’s PA program focuses on are important to me because they will help me on my way to learning and becoming a highly-qualified physician.

Some of the features of the program that I admire are its mission, clinical training, and the locations where different types of training take place. The university’s mission to provide its students with “the foundation of evidence-based medicine” and teach them to “competently practice patient-centered care” is what I believe will promote my progress (Ashland University, 2021, par. 6). The training is another part of the program that I am excited about and eager to start. I believe that only through hands-on experience one can truly learn, especially when it concerns patient care. I am sure that I will take every opportunity to get access to real-life learning environments because this is a chance to acquire and improve the skills I need. That is why I value the training locations chosen by the organizers of the program in partnership with other medical establishments and institutions. I appreciate the fact that the university has partnered with many medical systems to provide the students with different environments to work in and specialties to acquire.

I have several reasons to believe that I am qualified enough to apply to the program and complete it successfully. First, I am a PA graduate; I hold a PA-C designation, which means I am licensed by the state to practice medicine under the supervision of a physician. I have also passed my PANCE and got a high score. Finally, I have received an exemplary education and managed to meet all the challenges I had throughout my educational process. This is why I think I am equipped to do my mission and meet new challenges, which may be more difficult. However, difficulties usually inspire me to grow both personally and professionally, and I believe it to be one of my major strengths.

Most of the benefits I expect to take away after completing the program are based on skills improvement and professional growth. Upon completion, I expect to gain practical experience in the field of patient care. I am excited about the opportunity to learn from and together with knowledgeable, well-established physicians in a wide range of disciplines and locations. I hope to get an insight into the track that can potentially become my specialty. I think I will become more aware of my mission after I have worked both individually and in a team. I will understand what role I should play to provide as many underserved people as possible with proper medical care. I do not only expect to become more compassionate and patient myself but also to be able to create a friendly and favorable climate in all the settings and with all the people I will work with. I think that it is only possible for physicians to ensure their patients’ recovery and well-being in an environment like that.


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