Interdisciplinary Strategy in Healthcare


The proposal outlines the importance of health expert collaboration with different departments and stakeholders to eradicate and minimize medical errors through a behavior change plan. The theatre sector needs serious action taken for them to operate under strict measures to avoid blunders. The expected result would entail experts adapting to the new role and providing quality standards and excellent services.


The behavior change model for making the professionals adjust to new methods will minimize the recurrent errors in the theatre departments. These objectives are linked to other set organizational goals to ensure the patient receives the necessary service, and if it succeeds, it will eliminate the mistakes performed.

Questions and Predictions

Do the plan answer questions such as how much time is required to propose work? Firstly, strategy has the likelihood of making the health workers adjust their time to the planned schedule. It also ensures they are keen on the areas of specialty they have done allocation. The approach provides a slow and accurate transition from their adapted character of late attendance of duties to a more encouraging behavior. How to get the behavior change achieved, and which measures get used? Provision of rewards and presents to the most adhering has to take action. Tips include giving promotions to hardworking persons and also bonuses on their salaries. It also ensures that the workload is well distributed and acted upon which operation speed.

What is the benefit of team integration? Interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals with different backgrounds in health care setup is beneficial in patients’ care. Health care professionals reduce medical errors by helping each other in noting the contraindications or adverse reactions of drugs (Zhao et al., 2019). The collaboration also helps in boosting staff morale because of good social interaction skills. When professionals of different backgrounds work together, they can minimize unnecessary tests done on patients, which reduces the cost of the bill and increases the efficiency of medical care. What is the effect of collaboration? The partnership speeds up the patient’s time to get medical attention because of good coordination between the medical staff and the health care practitioners. The communication strains between the different departments of the medical profession get abolished, and appropriate communication between the employees prevails. It also increases patient care because all health employees work on efficient patient medical care to ensure relevant outcomes.

Change Management and Leadership Strategies

A change management theory helps organizations transition from the previous processes to the current smoothly without significant problems. ADKAR model is a classical format that is efficient in accommodating change in a health care facility. The model first creates the awareness that the difference is necessary. The ADKAR design helps all employees know, acknowledge, and prepare for the new ways (Wilson, 2018). Awareness also entails the voluntary act of letting the experts understand what needs changing and why the modification application. These actions allow the mental preparation to face the new side of the rule. The interdisciplinary team has to ensure the required procedures get followed to the latter.

The team also needs to ensure that the workers have the desire to accept the change. There is a need for collaboration with every stakeholder who supports the change. The willingness to change has to show a positive response, and it shows it works together with the intended audience. The employees receive the benefits and the reasons why they need to change. The desire for the change is created among the employees, contributing majorly to the anticipation of the new method. The knowledge of the latest techniques is then given to the employees appropriately so they can understand. When they fully understand how the new way works, they can implement it without much shock or strain.

Finally, the management ensures the reinforcement of the new plan, which will increase the productivity of the health care facility—good leadership strategies need to be used during the time of change to maintain and improve proper health care output. Good management and governing bodies help the employees be accountable for their actions which will help them work efficiently. Good social interactions between employees ensure good patient care because the medical practitioners can consult each other freely. Using a step-wise format enables the change plan to effectively take action and ensures that all the cadre abides by the set strategies. The interdisciplinary team must ensure that those backsliding get the necessary attention because working as a team makes working easy. Excessive force has nothing to do with the change, and it should promote togetherness and conflict avoidance.

Leadership Strategies

The proposal is the definition of the change plan and vision aligned to it. The strategy explanation has to form the basis of the whole event. Giving the program to the individuals and communicating it serves as a room for proposing to work and providing worthy information and evidence as to why the plan is needed. These actions allow professionals to get ready for the intended action. The strategy enables the different stakeholders to know more about the plan and the shared vision. Celebration needs to get conducted to motivate the practitioners and make them have a continued and consistent commitment to work. Through the overwhelming activities, the plan receives established quickly. The crew also needs to create more opportunities due to the intended change, and these deeds make them develop a positive attitude and desire for action. There is a need to respond critically to questions from the members and ensure the contentment of the responses provided.

The control team also needs problem-solving skills and techniques; not every situation needs commanding but intellectual ability. They need a planned and organized sequence of actions to deal with challenges that arise. They should engage those who show the need to work out upcoming issues in mature ways. The group has to find a way that does not involve conflicts or property destruction. In addition to that, practical communication skills have to be applied, and the team’s ability and capacity gets basis on how they converse issues. The nature of talk between two or more parties determines whether they have to reach a standard agreement.

Team Collaboration Strategy

Collaboration between professionals in a health care facility is essential since the virtue is needed to manage patients and enable good client output services and medication. Good interactions help medical professionals assist each other in diagnosing diseases in the fields that they have specialized leading to proper patient care. Thus, the management can give awards to employees to help in boosting self-esteem and increase work efficiency. The rewards provide them with a sense of purpose, increasing their workforce and giving desired outputs. Holding open and trustworthy communications between employees and the management helps interact with interdisciplinary professionals (Zhao et al., 2019). Brainstorming with the employees to get ways to increase efficiency and help produce desired objectives helps in interactions. The worker needs to have a chance to exploit their potential and invent workable ideas that may assist the organization.

Task partitioning is essential in the collaboration of interdisciplinary professionals since it allows the different individuals to interact and get to know more about each other’s areas of specialization. Dividing tasks into respective categories for the health workers enables a fast and safe way of caring for patients. It will help prevent overdosing on patients when two different physicians attend to one patient and give other prescriptions. These can cause contraindications which will lead to adverse drug reactions that can be life-threatening. Technology is another factor that helps in interdisciplinary collaboration.

The teams need to partner with other organizations and stakeholders who have good technological machines of modern form. The collaborative act allows the squads to benefit from one another and may result from skill borrowing. The introduction and use of technology give efficient and reliable information during the treatment and diagnosis of the patients. Technology reduces the amount of work of the health staff and enables them to efficiently perform their duties since they do not have an increased workload. The collaboration allows peer review actions that avoid errors and ensure the organization’s support from different areas.

Required Organisational Resources

The proposal requires the availability of financial and human resources for establishment. The supply of more experts and medical products needs an acquisition to cater to all theatre sectors. The facility’s management has limited resources, and they need an addition to work with the strategy. The required cost ranges from two million to 3 million dollars. The human workforce will require more attention than other areas since it is the core of theatre activities.

The health care facilities have an objective that helps them manage their financial and human resources and aid in obtaining the desired goals. Some of the financial resources get used in purchasing good and quality drugs that are rational and efficient. The management of monetary resources needs accountability and transparency to achieve organizations’ objectives (Thompson & Louth, 2019). Finances need regulation and control to evade losses caused by poor fund mismanagement. It helps in the improvement of patient status and the achievement of the organizational goal. Human resources that include the workforce need utilization and management to ensure task fulfillment. Human skills and expertise require keen monitoring to avoid mistakes that are prone to lack seriousness.

These interactive actions get achievement through questionnaires and interviews with the employees to know their opinions and desires on how to increase the organization’s efficiency. The management then evaluates the ideas obtained and approved for implementation to meet the desired budget and cost. The employees’ knowledge and skills have to get updated by providing them with new formulas and techniques to handle complex situations. Credentialing process needs the application to identify where the professional belongs, and it enables the reduction of mistakes. Errors occur when there is poor and corrupt management of organizational resources.

The credentialing action helps in the grouping of the employees into categories of complementing abilities that will help in increasing the competence and efficiency of the health workers. The financial resources get used in buying up-to-date technology, which will increase the authenticity, speed, and accuracy of the data output. It will help the medical professionals primarily since they can diagnose and provide rational drugs to the patients and increase customer service and production. The excellent and careful management of resources from all sectors provides proof that positive change is possible. The financial plan is 2.8 million dollars for complete establishment. If the proposal fails to work as planned, the organization gets slight effects and manageable changes.


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