Marketing Planning in the Airline Business

For a middle-class citizen to book an air ticket, one would make the first stop at the economy class prices as it is cheaper. One possible solution to this problem is for the customer to have the ability to book a business class suite for the same price as in the economy class. Aviation requires excellent marketing skills in an industry full of privately chartered and government-owned entities, and such deals would attract clients. From the perspective of the airline business, the desirable outcome is reaching repetitive middle-class customers who prefer better, quality, and affordable services through easily redeemable loyalty points.

Alluding to Deming’s cycle in the “Do” part, marketers may develop improved designs such as having better loyalty point deals. The essence of loyalty points is to have the client book air tickets, and a certain percentage of the ticket price is converted into a “point,” which accumulates with subsequent tickets and can be redeemable, enabling the client to book a better suite in later flights. Airlines such as Qatar Airways have easily implemented this by selling the dream of how exquisite it is to travel in the business class prime suite, which can be afforded by redeeming loyalty points. As such significant airlines have already implemented this; a marketer can beat them in their own game by increasing the value of a loyalty point, enabling the repeat client to redeem the points sooner.

Though there is less originality in the loyalty points idea, Deming’s cycle calls for coming up with improved ideas and moving on with the current trends to stay on top of the game. The same can be implemented in other businesses, such as the hotel industry, to ensure repeat clients, which helps secure sales. Moreover, to reach the Chartered Marketer status, one should know what the competitors are doing and try to outsmart them. It is a reflection of what marketers would implement at work.

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