The Trip to Lagos as the Best Vacations

My best vacation happened when my family and I traveled together to Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, and, come to think of it, Africa itself. It was, without a doubt, the single happiest and most memorable trip of my entire life. Traveling to Lagos from Imo state was entertaining and beneficial in many respects, but most of all, it taught me to appreciate the sheer variety of magnificent cultures in my society.

During my time in Lagos, I met wonderful people and learned more about Nigeria’s diversity. Upon arriving at Lagos, you soon understand that it is indeed one of the most diverse cities in the country (Cheeseman & Gramont, 2017). I spent most of my time in the city’s Igbo, and I would be hard-pressed to recall a person I met there that was not friendly and exciting to pass the time with. Surely, being surrounded by people of a different culture, I could sometimes feel like a fish out of water, but the supportive and caring environment ensured that I learned about rather than merely experienced it. After all, culinary arts transcend all cultural differences, and the foods my Igbo friends introduced me to were definitely a treat.

The trip was also important to my family and me for other reasons. The preceding year was hard for us all emotionally, and sharing a positive experience like that was a welcome change. For me, personally, it was the first time flying the first class. Moreover, it was our last trip together before we all went to different countries – and a bonding moment to remember.

It was one of these rare cases when everything went as planned and smooth as silk. Upon arriving at a five-star hotel in Lagos, we were immediately met by the friendly staff who took our bags to the room. The room services deserve an honorary mention, too, as their performance was nothing short of brilliant. The places and events we visited were a constant source of new positive emotions – be that a wedding, a state zoo, or a comedy show, they never failed to impress and gratify.

Overall, my trip to Lagos was something to remember – if anything, it was as close to my idea of a perfect vacation as one can expect. Making new friends from another culture and learning more about it – especially when it comes to cuisine! – is always a welcome experience. Sharing this experience with your family and making it a bonding moment.


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